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Become a Better Insurance Leader with Management and Specialty Courses from Farm Bureau Tech

Supervisor and Claims Management Training Course (Two and 1/2 Days)

This program is designed to provide supervisors proper training in the latest methods and techniques of supervision as well as the fundamentals of claim management. This course covers both Supervision Training and Claims Management Fundamentals:

Supervision Training

Subjects covered include: Management principles, effective employee relations, creative problem solving, decision making, training and development, customer service, and communications. The course has been expanded to include interviewing, EEOC policies, and sexual harassment. This program is recommended for all supervisors.

Claims Management Fundamentals

Topics covered include: tort law review, major cases, litigation management, negotiations and recruiting. This course should quickly bring the new supervisor up to a professional management level.

Legal Research Course (Available on Request)

Claim supervisors and management personnel are taught basic legal research skills. The program includes both classroom lecture and hands-on experience. Students learn to use law books and references, comprehend court decisions, and locate cases and/or statutes to cite as authority.

Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar (Two Days)

The key to successful retirement living is planning. This seminar will provide important details about preparing for the retirement years ahead. Topics covered include: Estate planning, Social Security benefits, legal, long-term care information, investments, pensions, 401K, and taxation.

Computer Software Training Course

Tech offers training in major property and physical damage estimating software packages.

Xactimate® training is provided in our Property Estimating course. ULTRAMATE® and CCC Pathways® training is included in Physical Damage Estimating courses.

Tech also provides training for Windows and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and Powerpoint).

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