Advanced Claims

Learn Advanced Insurance Claims with Courses from Farm Bureau Tech

Advanced Adjuster Training (Online)

This course is designed to strengthen a student’s technical knowledge and management skills.

It provides in-depth training for senior and advanced adjusters who are required to handle more complex claims. An extensive section is included on legal issues and litigation management. The course is recommended for experienced claims people.

Advanced Physical Damage Estimating (Online)

This program is designed specifically for supervisors and experienced adjusters.

Emphasis is placed on the latest generation of automobiles. Course segments include: automotive electronic systems, aluminum repair procedures, plastics repair, restraint systems, and boat and motorcycle repairs.

Advanced Bodily Injury Evaluation (Online)

The course prepares supervisors and experienced claims personnel to interpret medical reports, to have a better understanding of various injury claims, and evaluate bodily injury claims.

Instruction is provided in the form of detailed case studies of injuries involving head trauma, shoulder joint injuries, and pelvic and spinal cord injuries.

Fire Cause Investigations (Online)

Practical fire-scene investigation using the latest cause and origin techniques is one of the most important aspects of this course. Students learn how to properly investigate vehicle and property losses. Proper management of independent investigators and outside counsel is also discussed.

Electrical fires, accidental fires, cooking fires, wood heater fires, candle and smoking fires, spontaneous heating fires, and incendiary fires are explored in depth. Subrogation potential is addressed through multiple case studies.

Negotiation Training

This three-morning course prepares a broad range of Adjusters and Claims Managers to conduct good faith settlement negotiations with the objective of arriving at fair and equitable settlements.

Participants engage in case-based research and preparation for live negotiation sessions. Participants then conduct post-session reviews to enhance effectiveness.

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All of the Advanced Claims Courses from Farm Bureau Tech are online-only courses. Adjusters in Florida and Louisiana may be eligible for Continuing Education (CE) credits.

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