Basic Claims

Learn Basic Insurance Claims with Courses from Farm Bureau Tech

Adjuster Training (Three Weeks)

This course provides a strong foundation for the beginning adjuster.

The course includes interpreting contracts, policies, laws, defenses and conducting a thorough claims investigation. Students participate in workshops consisting of statement taking, medical evaluations, role-playing, communication skills, and negotiations. Fair claims practices and good customer service are emphasized throughout the course.  

Property Estimating (Two Weeks)

This course is designed to provide the adjuster with sufficient knowledge and confidence to prepare detailed damage estimates on property losses.

Students learn the fundamentals of property loss handling. Numerous estimates will be prepared by the students in various loss situations. This comprehensive course teaches the basics of building construction. Special emphasis is given to customer service. Balancing technical knowledge with human relations is stressed throughout the course. Students learn to write estimates by hand and by computer.

Physical Damage Estimating (Two Weeks)

The purpose of this course is to train students to prepare detailed automobile damage estimates. Students acquire the confidence needed to handle automobile claims to successful conclusions.  

This course is recommended for beginning adjuster or appraiser trainees, experienced adjusters, and claim supervisors with no prior estimating training. Inside claims personnel will benefit from this course in handling small physical damage claims.

Computerized estimating and handwritten estimating are taught during the course. Subjects covered include: Basic crash book rules, salvage, repairs to aluminum, unibody and conventional frame vehicles, and total loss evaluation.

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