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John C. Woods, AIC
Southern Farm Bureau Tech



Scott Catington, CPCU, AIC
Associate Director
  Southern Farm Bureau Tech


What is the most important asset of a company, its customers or employees? Without customers, there would be no need for employees. Without well-trained, highly motivated employees providing quality service, companies would have no customers. At Southern Farm Bureau Tech, we provide quality training to assist insurance industry personnel in reaching their goal of becoming insurance professionals.

As our industry matures, there are fewer but stronger competitors. As our society evolves, customer expectations and demands rise. As governments and regulators complicate the insurance industry, the need for qualified professionals in our companies has never been greater.

Southern Farm Bureau Tech’s commitment to teaching “core” insurance skills has never been stronger. We have upgraded our facilities and continue to provide the best instructors available in an excellent learning environment. Each student will have the opportunity to return to you much better equipped to perform to the expectations of our customers and protect your most important asset.


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